Since Jun 2011

Audrey Calero

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I never took Zumba® before and I tried Audrey's class and just loved it. She is a great instructor and brings such a great vibe to making working out fun. I look forward to it every week. She has such a unique variety of songs, rhythms and moves and some I never thought I could do. Audrey has such a positive attitude and gave me motivation to keep trying and challenging myself. 


I adore Zumba® Fitness with Audrey!  I love the choreography, music and the variations of movement.  Audrey makes fitness fun and enjoyable and I am so glad that I have discovered her.  The passion and dedication Audrey has for Zumba and fitness is evident, you can visibly see the excitement on her face every time she enters the studio.  You can join her classes at any time -- you won't be disappointed.
Ashley R.

Audrey teaches a style that caters to my personal Fitness goals. In class, We're always moving, using every body part, and sweating. Also, the music is great. She has everything from latin to hip hop, pop, and even Frank Sinatra. 
Steve B.


Thank you for welcoming me from the very first class.  It makes the experience so much more fun!



Love your class, Audrey!!  I like how you run through the moves one time at a slower speed so we can get it before the fast pace kicks in!



Zumba® is the perfect workout for me because in addition to being active, I'm having fun too! I've tried this type of class with other instructors, but I especially enjoy Zumba® with Audrey because she is motivating, cares about her students and her own passion for this dance style is so strong! 



I used to be the person that hopped around from fitness class to fitness class depending on the most recent Groupon or Living Social deals. I finally found an instructor that makes EVERY class fun and interesting. Audrey has a great mix of old and new material to challenge you and to build up your confidence.
Jen M.

Love Audrey's class!  She's easy to follow, is very nice and has great music to dance to!  We all have fun.

Adrienne P.